Existing in vitro diagnostic laboratories and hospitals can have access to the TheraMe! technology without any financial risks!

Our fee for service business model is fairly simple: We will provide  our customers (diagnostic laboratories and hospitals) with our proprietary in vitro diagnostics instruments and offer kits and services at a market price of ~1500 US$ per patient screen, including a 30% margin for the customers. The instruments will be easy to use (basically just requiring the loading of microfluidic chips, reagents and patient samples) and all data analysis will be carried out on our TheraMe! servers. We will also provide our customers with quality metrics on the statistical confidence of the results! Of course, our final reports and therapy recommendations will be easily interpretable by physicians without the need for specialized knowledge.

TheraMe! is an interesting opportunity for venture capitalists, fonds and private investors who want to profit from the large market potential of our approach!

We are currently preparing a Series A investment round (volume = 8-10 million US$) for the establishment of a startup company by the end of 2020. Given the large market potential of the technology, the manifold growth options (summarized below) and the fact that our internal costs are only about 1/3 of the targeted market price of 1500 US$ per patient screen, we expect break even and multiplication of value within the first 3 years of operation. Ultimately we aim for a takeover by large players in the diagnostic industry or an IPO, both being highly profitable exit strategies. Given that all required expertise is present within the TheraMe! team and given that a clear product idea and business plan have already been developed, the financial risk is rather low. Manifold growth options furthermore provide alternative expansion strategies:

  • The market launch of the TheraMe! technology will initially be carried out in small, wealthy countries with strong health care systems (e.g. Switzerland, Luxemburg, Scandinavia). In a second step we will expand to much bigger markets such as the US, continental Europe and southeast Asia.
  • While we are currently specifically focusing on pancreatic and colorectal cancer, the TheraMe! approach is generic and can be applied to any type of tumor. With 17 million cancer diagnoses per year worldwide and a constant increase in cancer burden this translates into a gigantic market.
  • The TheraMe! Approach can also be applied in a “reverse” fashion: Rather than identifying the best drugs for a given patient, it can also be used to recruit the best patient cohort for a given drug in clinical trials. This is particularly interesting for large pharma industry to decrease the costly attrition of drugs during clinical trials (90% of tested drugs fail during clinical trials at multi billion US$ costs), not because they are not working, but rather because they have been tested on the wrong patient cohort.